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About the workshop - The Power of a Silent Line on Saturday:


"bla bla bla, bla bla bla". That's what a scene too often looks like. As improvisers, we often fear the silence because we think that nothing is happening anymore. That's not true ! Many times silence is the best line we can tell !


More than 70% of the communication goes trough our body and our behaviour. Isn't it a proof that words can be useless ? Our actions, our look, our emotions, tell so much. And silence build the tension and catch audience...


Don't panic, we'll talk in this workshop ! But we'll also learn to answer bysilence. A living, deep and powerful silence, meaning much more than a verbal line...


About the workshop - Unplug your Brain on Sunday:



Our brain is a formiddable machine to create and imagine, but sometimes it's

our own trap, our only barrier and then, we can have the feeling to work on

the scene rather to enjoy it...


This workshop aims at unplugging our brains, to explore what our bodies have

to suggest. We will train not to be heady or too rational, to allow your scenes

to be silly, to accept and play the nonsense. Let your bodies surprise yourself

and embrace their strong propositions, to just have fun, play like kids, discover

new places, characters and relations, to follow the inspiration and your



About the teacher: 


Dan loved impro instantly, when he discovered it in 2007! Since then, He had the chance to travel in all french speaking communities and later internationally, traveling to teach and/or play in more than 20 countries around the world. With Théâtre de L'Oignon first and with La Carpe Haute, The Fraltons, Origami Swan (duo w/ Ella Galt) and You&Me (duo w/ AlicjaDobrowolna). Now, a new adventure begins with the rebranding and their newnames Anananas & Pampamplemousse.


What he loves especially in improv is the connection between the partners, thesincerity and the playfullness, enjoying the whole spectrum of improv : from silly to dramatic or non-sens to smart.


The workshops will be held in "Easy English"


Saturday + Sunday - 25th & 26th of May
10:00 - 16:00 - including one hour lunch-break

Bundle: Both Workshops with Dan Seyfried on 25. + 26. Mai

140,00 € Standardpreis
120,00 €Sale-Preis
inkl. MwSt.
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